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Ancient Greek Vases.

This week we made our own versions of Ancient Greek Vases!  How did it go?  I had a great day watching you all discover the joys sculpting with clay.  You all made some really interesting vases, they were all different shapes and sizes.

What was your favourite part? What did you find difficult?  What important thing that has happened in the 21st century did you engrave into your vase?

I would love to hear your thoughts all about our art day, from Mr IbbotsonIMG_0879[1]

Welcome to Ancient Greece

As a head start to our next half term we have decided to tell you we will be learning all about Ancient Greece.  To start us off we will be making our own Ancient Greek Vases on Tuesday!

Have you ever thought what life might have been like living with Hercules?

What other sort of things would you like to find out about?

What facts and information do you already know about these interesting times?

We are looking forward to your replies.