PGL Winmarleigh Hall Blog – Kangaroos

We hope you have had a fantastic time here at PGL Winmarleigh Hall. It would be great to hear about your stay. Some ideas of what to write about include:

  • Would you recommend this session to our current Year 3 children?  Why?
  • If you had the chance to repeat one of the sessions which one would it be and why?
  • Who or what inspired you during the weekend?  Why?
  • What have you learnt about yourself during our time at Winmarleigh?  How will you use what you have learnt at Winmarleigh back at school?
  • If you could return to Winmarleigh, why would you?
  • What was your favourite meal and why?  What would you like to see on the menu at Winmarleigh?
  • What has been the best part of your time at PGL so far?

Remember to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

26 thoughts on “PGL Winmarleigh Hall Blog – Kangaroos

  1. Eve

    My favourite thing was the big swing. It made me have a wedge ! Me and my friend were laughing our heads off. When we got of the big swing our thighs were really hurting but we had lots of fun! : )

    1. Isaac

      When it comes to the giant swing every one is afraid of it! only you and me can survive it Eve!

      p.s it was fun hearing Mrs Johns scream!!!

  2. Isaac

    Winmarleigh is amazing!!! On Friday we did the challenge course where we we had to crawl through mud and tyres! Also the other group had to do a chicken dance in front of us( : But we survived and didn’t have to do the dare.

    1. Finlay

      The challenge course was amazing and we did not have to do the dare but the over team had to do the chicken dance but our team did not have to do it.

  3. Mariam

    I am having a great time in Winmarleigh . I liked all the activities but my favourite was when me and my partner,who was Eve, went on the giant swing. My room mates are Lola, Eve and Holly. I was glad we were put together. The beds were really comfy. The food was nice. We got put into our groups, I was in the Kangaroos. I would recommend for every one in the next year four classes to go to Winmarleigh because it is an amazing experience! In archery it was fun and I kept on getting so close to the bullseye. At first, I was scared of the zip wire because my feet were dangling off the wood, then when I launched off I realised it was really cool. The computing was also very cool because we controlled robots and made our own games. We went on Friday and went home on Sunday. I had a great adventure!!

      1. Mariam

        I would love to go to Winmarleigh again! It was a really exciting weekend and everyone got along.I am glad we didn’t go sooner.

  4. Finlay

    I liked the big swing the most because when I pulled the string I went flying forward into the wind it was EPIC. Archery was super hard to hit the gold I did not hit it but Lola did and I only missed one arrow.The zip wire was very very cool I had to go to the top of a tower and had to dangle my legs down of the edge and then I was tied to the zip wire and at the end I had to throw down a rope and try and brake the evil penguin.The next day we did computing and moved lego robots move along the desk top and we made the lego robot move backwards sideways and forwards and today we are blogging.

  5. Lola

    Just before the weekend we all packed our stuff and went to Winmarleigh. I had to share a room with Eve , Mariam and Holly but we got on well. All the food was amazing I loved the food. the first thing we did was the obstacul course the second was archery that was when i got bullseye .

  6. Holly

    On Friday my year came to Winmarleigh. When we arrived we ate our pack lunch, but instead of eating in our room’s we all had a picnic .I thought it was really nice because we had a chance to relax and talk to our friends.
    Next we all got told our groups, my group was the Kangaroos.
    We did loads of activities but my best was the giant swing because Lola was screaming her head off ! I laughed my head off ! My second favourite activity was going on the zip wire, and my third favourite was doing the challenge course because it was a good opportunity to get really muddy and work together. I forgot to say my room mates names they were Lola, Eve and Mariam. We’ve had a really fun time together! I wish we could come back again sometime !

  7. Luke

    I liked the big swing the best. Finlay was my partner and we went right to the top. I also liked the zip wire and archery. I liked the big swing because when we pulled the rope we went flying forward . My room mates were great ! We had a very good laugh.
    The food was really nice and the beds were so comfy. I really want to come back again sometime.

  8. Eve

    When i went to the zip wire i had butterfly’s in my tummy i put my hand up to go first and i was chose when i got up to the top one of my friends came up i said can you go first she said yes so she went first and i went second i dangled my legs of the edge of the building and i asked the man what shall i do i have forgot what i have to do he said the other man will tell you what to do. So i sat and said can you push me of the edge and i went flying and i just relaxed then i did a code and i unlocked the code and pulled the beaken down. i went down slowly i loved it.

  9. Isaac

    AMAZING!!!!! last night we had a disco ate cookies did a limbo and listened to music . I realy want to come again AND SOON!!!


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