Hi Year 4

What do you know about Italy?  What would you like to know about Italy?  Do you have any questions that you would like to know the answer to about Italy?

Please share your ideas on our blog.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Mrs J

30 thoughts on “Italy

  1. MRK

    Hi! I would like to know about the food in Italy. I want to know which food comes from Italy and I already know one of the food and that is pizza which is one of my favourite food!

    1. g.johns Post author

      That sounds like a great thing to find out about. I’m glad you like pizza – I don’t like it at all!


    We are not experts but we know that Italy is the shape of a highe heel boot.
    We also know that the Italian colours are red , green and wite. My question is are the any more roman buildings left in Italy? By from Larissa and Finlay

    1. g.johns Post author

      That’s fine. Hopefully by Christmas you will be experts!! A great piece of information and an interesting question to find the answer too.

  3. HS EW blue green 89

    Sorry we do not know any thing about Italy but we do know that Rome is in Italy.
    We have a few questions to ask you
    Is it always hot in Italy?
    What food do they eat in Italy?
    Do they wear a pysific kind of clothing?
    How old do you have to be to leave High School, in Italy?
    Would you recommend going to Italy?
    Hope you reply to our message, we can’t wait to start learning about Italy. Bye

    1. g.johns Post author

      That’s not a problem. We will find out the answers to as many questions as we can. Your questions are interesting.

    2. RD MD

      What’s the food like?
      Do they celebrate Christmas like us?
      Pasta,pizza and garlic bread.
      What’s the food like.

      RD and MD

  4. Lh

    Hi Mrs J

    I am so excited to learn about Italy I was thinking about speaking Italian with Mrs Tarbook. We have already learnt some information in year 1 but we can refresh our brains with more info. I love learning about new places and languages. I love interesting country’s especially Italy.

  5. R.k

    Hi Mrs J
    I like Italy ALOT because it is a big country. Plus here are some questions for you.

    Did you know Pizza is a famous food.

    .Italy is the biggest country in Europe.

    Italy is famous for its food.

    There are some facts for you I hope you liked them there are more comments I can post if you like .

    From A.J

  6. Red10 W.P.J A.J.A

    I would really like to learn more about the Roman gods because I only know a few gods says W.P.J ;D. I would really like to learn more aboute all of the roman artfacts A.J.A . I love learning about the Roman Army and I’m dying to learn more W.P.J ;) . I bet all of the class will love learning about the roman things A.J.A.

  7. TJForpurple8

    Hi Mrs J I would like to taste Italy food please.
    Did you know that in Italy they eat pizza is the most famous food in Italy.
    What is the famous place in Italy?

  8. R.k

    Hello A.J again , we just want to say that we will be posting more comments about Italy.Italy is my favourite country ever.


  9. LM

    Did you know Italy is shaped like a boot and it has a little island at the bottom of it called Scisaly. I love pasta it is my favriote Italyan food and the best food to cool you down is ICE CREAM.

  10. I.J.A red76

    Learning about the Aincent Romans Is amzing,we learnt about the different roman Gladiators and about how the Gladiators would fight to the death!
    Also if a Gladiator was lying on the sand they would appeal to the emperor with one finger.

  11. LG

    I know that Italy is shaped like a boot and the little island at the bottom is called the football not really it is just the nick name . I now that centorions have something called a crest on their helmet so the legionnaires now that the person who is the centorions is the right person . Did you know that the Romans invaded Britan because we helped Gaul .

  12. IBPink

    Hi, ;)
    Right now in school,we have been learning about the Romans and the main
    place the Roman Empire was built was in Italy. Italy is now one of the most
    popular places to go on holiday to, and it is beautiful or so I’ve heard.
    Rome is the capital city of Italy.In Italy there are lots of different things to see and do, like there are giant pizzas in Venice and you can ride a Gondala.
    I have never been to Italy,but I would love to go on a family holiday there ;) .

    Bye, ;)


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