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What shall we call our owlet?

What do you think we should call our owlet that Mrs Dixon very kindly gave us along with the adoption of Rose the Barn Owl from ‘The Barn Owl Trust’.  Post your suggestions and explain why you have chosen the name.  Don’t forget to use proper nouns and good punctuation.


You can visit the website by following the link and also check out the live webcams of the barn owls, they are really interesting.

Hi Year 4

Choose one of the mythical creatures and think about:

  • what they might be called;
  • where they might live;
  • what they might eat;
  • how they move from one place to another;
  • what sounds they might make;
  • what their appearance is like.

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Write an information text with appropriate headings about the creature you choose. Take care with your punctuation and spelling.  We would love to see some ‘ed’ & ‘ing’ clause along with comparative adjectives in your writing.

Looking forward to seeing what you produce.

Mrs B & Mrs J