Communicating Online

Hi Year 4

I know a lot of you use the internet to communicate with other people.  Can you help anyone who doesn’t regularly communicate online and share some ways of staying safe please.

Thanks Mrs J


15 thoughts on “Communicating Online

  1. MT, MRK

    To stay safe on the internet you must:
    -Never be rude to strangers, people you know, friends and family-basically everyone.
    -Never share personal information to anyone-they could be or couldn’t be the person they are.
    -Don’t do anything inapproprite-swearing,being rude or mean-they could be mean back.

  2. luke and zara

    Hello Mrs J,

    If you type in something in and you see something completly different,you shouldn’t press it because it might be a virus,something rude or dangerous website.

  3. kody and lula

    Hi Mrs Johns,

    KH-Don’t install inapropriate games like virtual worlds for older children and if you do go on a virtual world do not talk to strangers or people you don’t know. Don’t make friends on the internet that you have never seen because they could be hackers or mean people. Never tell a stranger your personal information like your phone number, email address,your age and your full name. Be kind on the internet and don’t hurt peoples feelings. Somebody could be the biggest liar by telling you if you go to their house you will get a lot of sweets.

    LH-Always stay safe on the internet and when you install or buy games check with a grown up or your parent. If anyone is cyber bullying you block or report them quickly and tell your mum or dad. if somebody blocks you make sure you weren’t being unkind or asking for personal information. On the internet you should be the kindest and safest you have ever been before STAY SAFE

  4. Lola and Lexie

    Hi Mrs Johns
    We can stay safe on the internet by
    - not giving personal information like your name where you live and your post code.
    - by not swearing or being mean
    - dont shear your school photos or taking a photo outside your house

  5. Blue997

    As many people do use the internet we thought we could write to those who dont . for those people the enternet it can be dandres . Sometimes people send mean messiges known as ciberbully messiges it is handy to press the block butten . There are ways to camunicate on line email face time websites so on . PLEASe BE SAFE ON THE INTERNET !!! :-)

  6. Pink16 /Lime10

    Yo Mrs. Johns,
    We would normally use the internet to talk on virtual worlds by typing. On the Xbox it is common to use a
    headset. However it is safer to type as the computer can change or correct any spelling mistakes and keep
    it friendly. There is a way to talk face to face via internet, like face time, but if people use a username be
    careful what you reply to, it might not be the person you want to talk to. Facebook, twitter and all of those
    sorts of websites, are where you share photos, thoughts, celebrations and daily life. If you are new to any of
    theses sorts of things make sure a adult approves.

  7. amy holly e

    Hi Mrs Johns if someone asks you what is your name or adress or age and detals you should never tell them
    because they can contact you and you dont know them and you have nevrer met them.

  8. orangegreen214

    Hi Mrs J,

    If you have an email adress and your alone keep safe.
    Tips on being safe:
    Dont talk to people you dont know.
    Dont tell people where you live.
    Show any meaness thats happened to you,to an adult.

    Anything could happen to anyone on the internet,even YOU…….

  9. B3AB H8WJ

    Hi Mrs Johns
    If you want to stay safe online, then never give away your real name or address. Don’t give away any personal information. If they say something mean to you block them and tell an adult or somebody you trust. The safest way to communicate online is to get a e-mail so that nobody else can read your messages. do never tell anybody your password to anybody except your parents.

  10. Olivia,Hermione

    Hi Mrs Johns

    I think that if you are online you should not talk to someone who you do not know.Also if they ask you what is your name and adress do no answer them and just egnore them.If someone has sent a picture to you or a mean text just get rid of it.If someone you dont know sends you a mesadg just leave it.

  11. Amy h

    Hi Mrs johns
    Her are some tips for safety on line
    Never talk to a stranger
    Don’t tell them your name
    Don’t tell them your age
    Don’t ask for them to come over
    Don’t tell them your number
    Don’t tell them your address
    Don’t tell them your street
    Don’t tell them your town
    Don’t tell them your country
    From Amy

  12. g.johns Post author

    Hi Year 4

    You know how to stay safe online, remember that you don’t tell anyone that you meet online any personal information. You can share general information though.

    A good tip is to ‘Stop, Think, Go’ – we found this on the CEOP website which you have all explored. You can take a look at it by following the link (you can copy and paste it into your address bar).

    Mrs J

  13. Millie T

    Hello Mrs J,

    I have tips on staying safe on the internet!

    -Never share any personal information (phone number, address, full name)
    -Don’t join any virtual worlds without parental permission (animal jam, moshi monsters, club penguin)
    -If someone is being mean to you, report or block them.
    -Do make sure you have a adult in the room!


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