16 thoughts on “The Brick

  1. Millie D

    To Mrs Johns and Mrs Bell
    I think this was a really good idea. Not everybody is as lucky as me. From Millie D

  2. WJ red27

    Hi Mrs J

    I think that The Brick is really important. Not everyone is as fortunate as us and afford live anywhere or get food. That’s when the Brick comes into action. They help others get food and a place to stay in at least for the night. The Brick doesn’t only help homeless people but it also helps others to learn, read and write. Once a lady had to stay out at night in the snow. Even some children come to say that their parents don’t have a job and don’t have any money. The Brick sends out a hundred food packages a week in Standish. Imagen how many homeless people there is in the whole of England.

    Bye from your pupil :-)

    1. g.johns Post author

      A super response to our blog about The Brick, I can tell that you listened carefully in our assembly when they visited and have taken a look at their website too. An OWL to you!

  3. Olivia R

    Hi Mrs Johns and Mrs Bell
    I think this is a very good idea. The brick is a very good place to go if you are homeless.

  4. Zara A

    Hi mrs J,

    I REALLY loved all the things people brought in.How kind of them!I feel really sorry for the people that aren’t as lucky as me i really wish i could help them!!


  5. Mariam*

    Hey class,
    You are right Millie, some people are not as fortunate as us. I think it is great how we helped all of those people.
    From Mariam.

  6. Eve

    Mrs J and Mrs B

    I have taken on a lot that the brick said but I could not bring anything !
    If I’m aloud i would go house to house down my street and ask ” sorry for bothering you but have you got any tind food that i can send to the brick “.and i may get over 100 tins because on my street , if you came down here, you see lots and lots of houses.

    I would love to do anything to help the brick .
    From Eve

    1. g.johns Post author

      Thanks, I know that you would. Don’t worry not everyone can give things all the time, you donate other things to other people. Maybe next time The Brick ask for help you might be able to help them.

      Remember, if you do decide to ask other people for help, you must only ask people that you know.

      Mrs J

  7. e.davies

    Hi year 4 .JB.. I thought I would drop by and say “hi!”
    I have been looking at your blog about ‘The Brick’ and I’m amazed at what you have learnt. You have made some great comments about the charity and have reflected on your own lives. I would like to give you a class point… well done!


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