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What is a bug?

Hi Year 4

We would love you to tell us what you know about insects in general.  How do you know if something is an insect?  What must they have?  What don’t they have?

Please reply and try to use the following in your comment: your opinion, extra information about specific bugs, starting a sentence with a simile, preposition (e.g. underneath).

Looking forward to your reply.

Mrs J & Mrs B

BBC Decimal Website Link

Year 4 take a look at the following website and order the decimals, you can compare them by using the testing room: You can also play ‘Eggs to Order’ on an evaluation version at home – use objectives 6 & 7, try objective 8 if you are feeling like trying something tricky.

the bugtastic guide

Bugtastic Facts

the bugtastic guideWhat do you know about the insect that you have dressed up as?  We would love to hear all about the amazing facts the bugtastic guidethat you have learnt about your insect.  the bugtastic guide

My wish is for you to include the following when you are writing:

  • capital letters and full stops (use the shift button – the arrow that is pointing up to get a capital version of the letter that you are typing)
  • logical organisation
  • connectives
  • bullet points
  • extra information, your personal opinion, questions, warnings, reminders
  • start a sentence with a simile
  • short sentences
  • prepositions (beneath, below…)
  • conditionals (would, should, could)
  • comparative/superlative adjectives

You could also include the following to make your writing even more interesting:

  • metaphors, personification & onomatopopoeia
  • modifiers (e.g. very large, quite slowly…)
  • dashes, colons

If you don’t know much about the insect that you have dressed up as then take a look at the following websites, they might give you some good ideas.,

Looking forward to reading your ‘Bugtastic Fact Files’.

Mrs J

Which ‘bug’ are you?

As you know we are dressing up as ‘bugs’ on Monday 27th April.  We were wondering “Which ‘bug’ are you?”. Write an explanation letting us know what you are planning on dressing up as and why.

I’ve got my costume all sorted – can you guess what I am going to bee?

Mrs J

Easter Holiday Writing Challenge

Take a look at the image below – explain how you think the man came to be in the jar.  How will he manage to get out of the jar?  It looks like the lid is tightly screwed on.  Try to be as creative as you can, but also think about what Mrs B and I would like to see in your writing.



Easter Holiday Maths Chain

I have set a Maths challenge below. Answer in the ‘Leave a reply’ section including the number sentence that you think the word problem has been written for, then ask similar question for someone else to answer – use the following times tables to create your questions – 4, 8, 6 or 7.

Let’s see how many questions we can answer and ask each other! :-)

Mrs B bought 7 smoothies. Each smoothie cost £4. How much did she spent altogether?

Once you have left an answer, leave a question for the next person!