Easter Holiday Maths Chain

I have set a Maths challenge below. Answer in the ‘Leave a reply’ section including the number sentence that you think the word problem has been written for, then ask similar question for someone else to answer – use the following times tables to create your questions – 4, 8, 6 or 7.

Let’s see how many questions we can answer and ask each other! :-)

Mrs B bought 7 smoothies. Each smoothie cost £4. How much did she spent altogether?

Once you have left an answer, leave a question for the next person!

28 thoughts on “Easter Holiday Maths Chain

  1. LG


    Lucy had six packets of chocolate biscuits there were eight biscuits in each packet. How many biscuits were there altogether?

    1. g.johns Post author

      First person to complete this LG, fab! I love your question – I hope you have the answer so you can let people know if they got it correct or not!

    2. EW

      The question is 6 times by 8 .The answer is 48 this is how i worked it out : 1/\8= 8 , 2/\8= 16 , 3/\9=24 , 4/\8=32 , 5/\8=40 , 6/\8=48 .
      This symbol /\ means times.
      Fingers crossed that i get this correct if i don’t i will have another try.
      From Eve

  2. EW

    Hi Mrs J
    Word problem : 7 times by 4 .

    For someone else : Ella walked over to her money box and found she had got £6 and she had to share it between her 4 cousins Ellie, Liam, Sarah and Madeline how much money did Sarah have ?
    Hope you can answer it from Eve

    1. g.johns Post author

      Good number sentence, but what is 7 times 4?

      A good question EW, hope you have worked out the answer – I think that you might get two different ones depending on how people read the question.

    1. g.johns Post author

      I know you have, if you check on here on Wednesday evening I will post something else for you to have a go at – have a rest for the rest of tonight and tomorrow – I think you have been really busy!

  3. EW

    Hi Mrs J
    I know you told me to take a break , but i have already started working on a character description .
    From Eve

    1. g.johns Post author

      Fab, you are working really hard. Try and include:
      - an expanded ‘ing’ clause (ing, ly),
      - a simile,
      - your opinion.
      I bet it will be a great character description – who are you describing?

  4. I.A

    The answer to Eve’s questions, is Sarah has £1.50.
    6 / 4 = 1.5

    My question is….
    Finlay has seven packets of Rolos, there are nine Rolos in in each packet. How many Rolos does Finlay have altogether?

  5. Mariam*

    Hi Eve,
    The answer I got was £1.50, this is how I worked it out : four £I = £4 + four 50p =£2 and £4 +£2 =£6.
    Here is my challenge:
    Mariam bought 6 bracelets.They all cost £4 each. How much money did Mariam spend all together?
    Bye, from Mariam

  6. g.johns Post author

    Great questions everyone, I’m really proud that so many of you are checking the blog out – OWLs I think when we return to school next week (I’m making a list)!

  7. Lexie

    4 x 7 = 28

    Lexie bought four packets of dog biscuits. There were nine biscuits in each pack. How many were there all together?

  8. Isabel

    Hi Mrs J and Mrs B,


    This is my number sentence…
    Isabel bought seven packets of chocolate buttons. In a normal packet there would be eight, but these packets had double in. How many chocolate buttons are in total ?
    From Isabel

  9. Hermione.R

    I have thought of a question.
    Hermione baked 16 biscuits and shared them between herself and three of her friends. How many did they get each?
    From Hermione

  10. Aaron

    Hi Hermione

    16 / 4 = 4 You and your 3 other friends would have 4 biscuits each.

    My question – Aaron has 27 toy cars. He shares his cars between himself and 2 of his best friends. How many cars will they each have?

  11. Amy h

    27divided by 3 is 9
    My question is….
    Amy has 14 snow globes she gives 7 to her friend how many dose she have left?
    From Amy

  12. HS

    It’s easy 4^7 is 28

    For an other person-
    Holly buys dog treats but she notices there’s 2 different types. There’s a big packet and a small packet.(Big packets are 9 pounds and 99 pence.And the small packet is 3 pounds.)
    She buys three big packets and 5 small packets. How much was it all together?
    Don’t use a calculator


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