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Biggest Bug?


Take a look at the following website links, what can you find out about the largest insects?  Share your ideas on the blog.

Remember to stay safe when using the internet, use the links I have given you and don’t click on any other parts of the website unless I have asked you too.

Been up to anything interesting?


Hi Year 4, I was just wondering if you’ve been up to anything exciting over the holidays.

My family and I have been enjoying spending time at home playing and out on our bikes.  We’ve also been to the cinema and out to Speke Hall where we watched some aeroplanes taking off – we wished we were on one, flying to another country!

Looking forward to hearing all about your break from school.  Mrs J


Look what Year 4 made this week!

We had a great time learning all about the human digestive system, we pretended to make poo!  We imagined what happened at each stage of the digestive system by using Weetabix, water, vinegar and food colouring.  We got rather messy, but had a fab time.  Check out the different stages of the investigation below.

Click on the photo of the plate showing the different state of food as it works its way through the body to leave a reply to my questions.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

How did you feel when we created the poo?  Did you enjoy it?  Why?  Would you try and make it again?

Use the photos to explain the digestive process to your parents, remember to use all the technical vocabulary that we have used in school.  The image of inside the human body might help you too.

Have fun.  Mrs J

Fantastic Facts

Hi Year 4

In preparation for an activity at the end of the week, please can you find more information out about the following insects:

Here are the websites that we would like you to take a look at to find out more about some insects:

Once you have checked them out write an interesting fact about each insect that you have learnt.  You should have 5 fabulous facts by the time you have finished!

Looking forward to seeing what you find out.

Mrs J & Mrs B