Expanded ‘ed’ clauses as starters

Using the ‘ed’ words that you thought of before, write as many sentences as you can starting each sentence with an expanded ‘ed’ clause as a starter.  Take a look at my example below:

Frightened by the tall man, Tom ran straight home to avoid being caught.

Who can write the most interesting sentence starting with an expanded ‘ed’ clause?

12 thoughts on “Expanded ‘ed’ clauses as starters

  1. Lula

    Now I have got some expanded ed clauses as starters,

    Filled with exitment,Jessie skidded of to the park.

    Frightened of the scary lady,Amelia sprinted out of the shop.

    Adored by the cute puppy, jack ran outside.

  2. AA

    Estoneshed by my sister she thixed my iPad
    Screamed my sister was the most sceard a snake
    Egsorsted I fineshed the long rase whot was 100m
    Freaked a mesterious small man chased me but I ran
    Laughed my sister Toled me a funny joke

  3. Lexie and Olivia

    Hi Mrs J we have got some starters for you.

    Warmed, I sun bathed in the gleaming hot sun.
    Frightened, by the boom from down stairs Olivia hid under her bed.
    Loved, Max the dog got a great big hug.

  4. Lula

    Exhausted by the train journey,Isabel slowly stepped off the unusual vehcal.

    Thrilled by the ride,Larissa jumped off the roller coaster.

    Mortified by the dark,Amber climbed onto the bed.

    Wounded by the pavement,Mariam limped.

  5. Mariam,Holly and Eve :D

    Hi guys,
    These are our expanded ed clauses :
    Amazed by all the Jewellery,Eve wanted to by them all.
    Annoyed by my sister, she ate all the chocolate cake
    From Mariam,Eve and Holly S

  6. Lola p

    Hi mrs J hear are my sentences

    Exited,the whole class ran into the out door garden.
    Exawsted ,Lola and Lucy got chased by Archey

  7. Larissa

    Here are my sentences :-) ;-)

    Rejected by the loud muttering conversation , Jane sprinted into the back ground.
    Mortified by the darkness , Tyler widened his arms to keep control and location .
    Bye from Larissa :-)

  8. I.A

    Here are my sentences, using some of my ‘ed’ words…
    Annoyed by the joke, he stomped off in a rage.
    Bullied until she cried, the girl ran home.
    Captured cleverly, the American spy was forced to tell his secret plans.
    Deceived by the Professor, the man walked into the pit.
    Enraged by what they saw, the children stormed off, red in the face.


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