Well done Lula!

ballet shoes

Have you heard the fantastic news?  Lula has been accepted to the Royal School of Ballet!  We are all so proud of her and can’t wait to find out more.  Watch this space, you never know we might see her performing on a stage in London one day!

26 thoughts on “Well done Lula!

  1. zara

    Hi Lula,

    I feel so proud of you! Please tell me more about it.And i hope you go too London.Fingers crossed class!!!!

  2. Mariam*

    Well done Lula!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me more about the royal school of ballet. We are all so proud of you! :D

  3. Larissa and Lexie

    Hi Lula well done you were obviously going to get in. You got in because your flexible and a excellent dancer were both so proud of you. Remember always belive in your self the Oliver show is coming up alot of practise
    to do remember if you don’t get the part there lots more shows through your time there. We hope you make new friends, really enjoy the time you spend there and have a experience of your life your so lucky to be there.

    Bye from Larissa and Lexie ;D :-)

  4. Lula

    Hi everyone,

    thank you so much I am so excited to go to my first lesson that is two hours and maybe fifteen mins.

    Bye from Lula

    thank you again

  5. Isabel

    Hi friends,

    I am so so so, happy for Lula. She has wanted this oppurtunity for so long. And who can blame her : D. I was very happy for her when see told me. CONGRATS LULA! I am extremely excited for you and
    your future in the Royal School of Ballet. Hopefully you get to dance in some shows in London when your older, because you are an amazing dancer, Ballet, and Tap. :D .

    Isabel :D

  6. W.J

    Congratulations Lula well done for getting into the Royal Ballet. Hopefully we will see you in London one day just like Mrs J said. FINGERS CROSSED \ /
    / \

  7. Ben

    Hi everyone

    first of all i want to say well done to Lula getting into the royal ballet I bet everyone is happy for you and are really proud of you getting into the royal ballet. Everyone is supporting you and maybe are excited to see you perform in london.

    bye everyone from Ben

  8. Millie D

    Hi Lula
    WELL DONE, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I know your a beautiful ballerina because you dance all the time on the school playground.
    From Millie D :)

  9. ZA

    How do you feel that you have entered the royal ballet? Are you performing in London? Congrats!!!

    From Zara :) ;D


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