37 thoughts on “The Gunpowder Plot

  1. Mariam

    Hi guys,
    I agree because I think Guy Fawkes did what he did for the reasons. King James I was just being mean by declaring that he hated Catholics and saying that everyone had to be a Christian. The only thing I disagree with is the fact that the gang tried to kill the king. I disagree with that because they could have just protested against the king instead of trying to murder him.
    From Mariam.

  2. I.A

    The facts against Guy Fawkes are very strong. It’s clear that he was the one left behind to light the gunpowder but it is also clear that it was wrong in trying to assassinate a king , high treason in fact!
    Also the reason that Guy or Guido Fawkes was wrong to try and blow up king James , was what would they achieve by blowing up Parliament and all in it? Nothing but murder that is what!
    So I think you will be glad to know that he and his gang were all caught and executed, three of Guys gang were shot to death ,one spared and the remaining eight were hung ,drawn, quartered and their heads put on to spikes as a sign that this would happen to other high treason plotters.
    Also I think it was very foul to blow up innocent people just because they had a different religion to themselves.

      1. RD

        I think that Guy Fawkes should of blown up the houses of parliament because the king dident like catholics he only wanted on reigion to be in his country. But h shouldn’t of trid to blow up the houses of parliament he could of just tried to send him a letter instead of trying to murder him.


  3. Isabel :D

    Hi everyone,
    Although Guy Fawkes and the gang planned extreme measures, and they were extremely unnecessary, I feel that they had a good reason for what they planned. King James I had no right to treat Catholics with such disrespect and hatrid, all because he was a Protestant. They shouldn’t have plotted to kill the King, maybe they should have just been truthful face to face with the King instead of keeping it quiet and continuously made more and more of an effort to blow up the Houses of Parliment, and everything in it, including King James I himself.

    Bye everyone,
    Isabel :D

    1. g.kelly Post author

      Thanks Isabel… Do you think the King would have listened to Robert Catesby and his gang if they had tried to speak to them?

      1. Isabel :D

        Hi Miss Kelly,
        The King probably wouldn’t have listened, but all they could of done was try it, maybe King James would have listened.

        Isabel :)

  4. Aaron

    Miss Kelly

    I think guy Fawkes believed he had a right to try to blow up the Houses of Parliament because King James I, wanted everybody be a Protestant and not Catholic. I think everyone should be free to choose which religion they follow and not to be forced to follow someone else’s values but I don’t think anyone should plot against their King or Queen and commit treason.


  5. Lexie


    I disagree because it is treason and he shouldn’t of done that even if he was Catholic and killing isn’t very nice even if they are a different religion. Just because king James I wanted everyone to be Protestant he does not have a right to blow up stuff especially if it is a very important building like the houses of parliament , were they make law decisions and if that was blown up then we probably wouldn’t hae laws today.

    I hope you get were I am coming from. :) :)

    From Lexie

  6. W.J

    Hello everybody,

    King James I did hate Catholics and the members were Catholic but that doesn’t mean that they have to kill him. Why not just be mature and discuss this with King James I face to face. There’s no point of doing something risky when you can just talk about it. It’s better someone disagreeing about it than agreeing to kill you. Simple!
    Although King James was really unrespectful to Catholics he didn’t deserve for what the thirteen men were trying to do to him.
    Because of thir silly decisions all men were beheaded.

    That is my opinion
    Bye bye!

  7. Thomas Fairhurst

    I think that Guy Fawkes should of followed his religion and blow up King James the 1,and make the city back to there normal religion and not judge who they are and what they are.

    1. g.kelly Post author

      Thanks Thomas. Do you think blowing up the King because he dislikes Catholics is just as bad the King discriminating against Catholics?

  8. Lula

    Hi guys,
    I think it was wrong to attempt to blow up King James and parliament, even though a King maybe a ruler that you dislike you wouldn’t try to kill a King. But I do think that a King , who hates catholic and different religions, is wrong. It was certainly high treason, plotting against a King. He shouldn’t have done this. In my opinion I would have told the rest of the gang that I didn’t want to set the fuse. Also why would you attempt to kill anyone? And even if the plan exceeded you would probably get caught someday.

  9. Olivia.rigby

    Hi Miss Kelly

    I do not agree that Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament. I understand he was not happy with the discrimination of his religion. He should have spoke to the king about his anger or sent a letter.

  10. Hermione R

    I can understand why Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up King James and the Houses of Parliament, because they should be able to choose what religion they believe in.
    However I don’t think that this is the way to sort things out because trying to kill people is not the right thing to do.


  11. Larissa

    I disagree because life is full of disagreements but death and violence is the wrong way to settle a battle . In any way killing is wrong . King James didn’t kill Catholics because he hated them and he had his own way . kILLING IS WRONG!!! )-:

  12. Lucy

    Hi Miss Kelly,
    I don’t think he should of tried to blow up parliament because if he did it do it without being caught he would of been tracked down and been sacrificed and he would be sacrificed even if he didn’t blow do it and got caught. So he would still be sacrificed what ever he did.
    From Lucy :)

  13. Amy

    I think it is a hard chose because he was catholic and he wanted to be free to believe in what he wanted to believe in.
    Bye Amy

  14. Ben

    Hi everyone

    I agree that he should have tried to blow King James I and the Houses of Parliment because he had a good reason why he wanted to blow it up. The reason that his reason was good was because King James I was a protestant and protestants hated catholics (Guy Fawks and his gang). He shouldnt have tried anyway but it still was a good and clever reason why he wanted to blow him up.

  15. Mill T

    Hi guys,

    I think back then King James I had nothing wrong with hating Catholics, except if you were a King, I guess it seemed quite wrong. I don’t think that Guy Fawkes and his friends shouldn’t have treated King James I that way really. But back then him and the gang made a pretty big mistake. If they were still alive now, still in the tower of London, I bet they would have regretted it!

    See you later!

    Mill T :)

  16. :)kody harris :)

    hi miss Kelly
    I agree because if he did do it because we will wont celebrating bonfire night and have fun party and have amazing food an your friend can come to your house and celebrate it with you and you can watch a fire. and we will not have fire works to celebrate any thing just you birthday It will be boring to see fire works just one a year and at you friend and family house . people are a little bit happy because they get to see amazing fire work and the biggest one you have ever seen in your entire hole live and if you see a nice one you might want it for your birthday and your friend might want it then tell you It was the best party ever and everybody might talk about the fire work and say were did you get it from.

    by kody harris :)

    1. g.kelly Post author

      Thanks KH, I like Bonfire night too but do you think trying to kill the King because you don’t like the rules they have made for their country is ok though?

  17. B.T

    hi everyone

    I agree because king James did not allow Catholics to be in the country .

    because he didn’t want aey over catholics in his Country so that his whole contry wode be the same religion so robert catsby started the gunpowder plot to stop it

  18. Luke

    Hi everyone
    I think that guy fakes was right to try to blow up the houses of parliament because king James didn’t like his religion.

    Fact:my dad is a catholic

  19. HS

    I extremely agree that Guy Fawkes should of blown down, the house of parliament because it’s a bit horrid that King James would hate a certain sort of people, seeing that they believe something different to the King. When you think about it you shouldn’t hate you should just dislike. But also it’s a horrid thing to think, maybe his mum was a catholic and he hated his mother so he might hate people that believe the same thing as her. It’s also nasty to blow up the King and the house of parliament within reason but I am on Guy Fawkes’s side but also on the Kings side. It’s horrible just treating people like the King did, but it’s also horrid to commit treason like Guy Fawkes did.
    Hope you liked my opinion,
    Bye from HS

  20. holly :)

    hello miss Kelly
    I think it was wrong to kill king james because it is bad to kill someone but i understand because he wanted to be a catholic but he could of told king james that he wasn’t happy with the rules because that is the right thing to do.
    sorry that this was short.
    by Holly Eccles

  21. EW

    Hi ,

    i Disagree, Guido Fawkes should have wrote a letter to say he wanted to be catholic a gain not just protestant , if that did not work he should have still believed but not show any sign of catholic religion .
    Hope you like my opinion ,
    From Eve : )

  22. Millie D

    To Miss Kelly
    I disagree with guy Fawkes and his gang trying to blow up the houses of parliament because it would murdered or injured everyone in there. It is wrong that king James l forced everyone to be protestant, the people should have been able to choose what religion they wanted to be. A king is the ruler of the whole country and all the people in it and he should really listen to other peoples opinions and learn to live together.
    From Millie D

  23. zara =)

    Hi Miss Kelly ,

    I agree because king James 1st wasn’t being fair, and everyone is free to be whatever religion they are and also they were born in that religion. But the only downside is that the houses of parliament made the laws and if it was blown up there wont be any laws today.



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