Talk for Writing Advert- The Hoverboard 3000

For your homework over the next week, try to learn this advert by heart.

You could draw a text map to help you.

The Hoverboard 3000

Tired of your same, old boring walk to school? Do you want a more stylish way to travel? Wood Fold Technologies is proud to introduce our brand new invention: the Hoverboard 3000! The easy way to get from A to B.

The Hoverboard 3000 is an incredible personal transport device packed with special design features sure to make you the envy of all your friends. The smooth – action wheels glide effortlessly across any terrain – there is no need to get off and walk when you reach an uneven surface. This amazing gadget is fully re-chargable and has a four hour battery life.

There are some incredible safety features on the Hoverboard 3000. The footboard has a state-of-the-art ‘gooey-grip’ coating. No matter what speed you go, your feet will remain firmly in place. To help you be seen in the dark, the Hoverboard 3000 comes with neon lights that flash in a variety of colours (red, turquoise, lime green and yellow) and patterns. No-one will miss you coming!

If you want to travel in style, if you want to stay safe, if you want to be the envy of all your friends, then go and buy your Hoverboard 3000 today!

21 thoughts on “Talk for Writing Advert- The Hoverboard 3000

  1. Lula

    Good points about my game
    . A hard game: when you touch a tree, a vine or a platform you go back to the very start.

    . I think it has a good background to intrigue players.

    . To make the players try to beat the time, its a short amount of time.

    . In my opinion, I think that you can tell what my setting is supposed to be.

  2. Mariam

    Hi guys,
    I think the good points about my game are :
    1) you can easily tell what the objective of my game is.
    2) My game is quite hard, I had to play it a few times to finally complete it.
    3) The background is very nice, and has many different colours, so it will catch the players eye.
    I think that they are the good pints about my game! :D

  3. Lexie

    The good parts of my game.

    - Different difficulties on different levels.

    - You can collect things along the way and get points.

    - You are against time.

    - Play it over and over again.

    - When you look at my game background you can tell what it is straight away.

  4. W.J

    Good points about my game:

    •It’s not too easy so whoever plays it won’t go zooming through the questions and think “This is well to easy!”
    •In my opinion, it is very fumy and because of that people will want to keep playing.
    •The quiz links to it’s name as it is called ‘The Impossible Quiz because the answers are not what they would be in a normal quiz it is very hard.

    1. g.kelly Post author

      That sounds intriguing WJ, I am looking forward to playing it! Do you think I will be able to answer the questions?
      Miss Kelly

  5. Millie D

    Good Points About My Game

    It is hard because you need to avoid the blocks if you do touch the blocks you go back to the start

    It is aimed at all ages, younger people will get less points and more experienced people will get more

    Millie :) :)

  6. hs

    Hi Miss Kelly,

    Good parts of my game:

    Good background



    Hope you like it(some one saved over my game though last lesson.)

  7. Olivia R

    Hi Miss Kelly
    These are some good points about my game:

    . The more you practice the easier it becomes.

    . It is addictive.

    . It is creative

    . Good background :)

    . It is hard not to get shot!!!

    . It is very challenging

    . It is imaginative.

    . . The background is colorful

    . The sprite is visible

      1. Charlie C

        The good parts about my game are:
        It is very challenging.
        The background is quite colorful so the players will be interested when they first start.
        It is also very addictive.
        The objective of the game is where your a bird who has to try and get past black spikes and earn points. Every time you die you teleport back to the start. You get points by reaching the end of the background. Once you get a point you teleport to the start but you carry on until you hit another spike.

  8. EW

    the good parts of my game are:
    . my sprite moves by mouse control.
    . when you hit the spices its game over and you go back to the start.
    . the background is related to my game.
    . it has a timer counting down from 30 – 0.
    . my sprite is easy to control ( e.g. it does not need any grow control. )
    to improve my game i can :
    .make my sprite not glitch when it touches the wall.
    .make my sprite interact with my keys.

  9. Amy

    Hi these are the good points of my game…..
    . you can see the sprite
    . both sprites move when green flag clicked
    . you can shoot the bat
    . I have speech in it
    . the arrow will touch the bat
    these are the bad points of my game
    . the timer won’t work
    . the score won’t work
    . the game is over after one shot
    . sometimes the arrow goes of the screen
    . only one player can play at a time
    bye from Amy

  10. Isabel :D

    Hi everyone,

    My game has just a couple of good factors. These are:

    1) I have made three levels, and each get harder and harder (but not too hard.)
    2) You have to avoid the big, red blocks. If you don’t, you get sent back to the start of the level, and everything stops. If you do, then you can continue playing the game.
    3) My background is quite detailed, which hopefully will catch the player’s eye.
    4) My game isn’t quite finished yet, I’ve got about three more things to do, but hopefully when it is finished, the players will like it and will be kept entertained by playing it.

    That’s all I really have to say about my game. I hope you have enjoyed learning the good points about my game. I am really enjoying making it, and I hope when people play it they will enjoy it just as much.

    Bye everyone,
    Isabel :D

  11. Zara :D

    good points

    .nice and challenging
    .lots of obstacles-mud patches, water slips
    .people added to make it harder-when it touches a person it stops

    bad points
    .background to small
    .cant make it stop when touches mud or water
    .not doing what i want it to do!

    1. g.kelly Post author

      Hi, don’t worry! I will post the thinking hats evaluation template (if I can!) Have a think about how you evaluated your game using the hats and write it up as best you can :-)
      Have a great half term,

      Miss Kelly


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