2 thoughts on “Easter Blog

  1. Conor

    Hi Mrs Kelly, during the Easter holidays my family and I went to South lakes safari to visit. I always enjoy going here seeing all the animals and spending time with my family. There are so many animals but here are a few of them I saw. I saw timber wolves, new mane wolves, Pygmy hippos, lions, four new tigers, vultures, flamingos, jaguars, penguins, marmosets, kangaroos, wallabies, tortoises, monkeys, sloths, ostriches, llamas, lemurs, raccoons, rhinos, zebras, chickens, peacocks, wildebeest plus many more. I always enjoy going here and can’t wait to go back.

  2. Aaron

    Hi everyone

    Hope you all had a great Easter!

    I went with my family to our caravan in Wales .The swimming pool on our site is great ,really large and deep for diving to the bottom.Like Zara and mrs johns, l also watched batman vs superman at the cinema . I agree it was a really good film.

    My sister Lorna achieved her bronze speed swimming medal for front crawl.I AM REALLY PROUD OF HER!

    From Aaron :)


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