Skullduggery Pleasant

Hi Y6!

We are nearly half way through our new book Skullduggery Pleasant for our context ‘Things that go Bump in the Night’. I would like to know if you are enjoying our new novel and if you like it as much as you liked Stormbreaker.
Can you compare the 2 novels, identifying any similarities and say which novel you prefer. Remember to justify your opinion :-)

Also have a look at our Boreatton Park pictures and don’t forget to comment.

Miss Kelly

7 thoughts on “Skullduggery Pleasant

  1. Lula

    Hi guys,
    Alex Rider is a really good book , so is Skulduggery pleasant. There both very good adventure books. Also they both grip you with suspense. They’re very similar books ; Alex Rider is a spy and so is skulduggery
    Pleasant. Both Uncles , in both books, have died.

    Skulduggery Pleasant is a skeleton; Alex Rider is a human. Also, the Uncle in Alex Rider, died in a car crash. Whereas , so far, there’s only a chance for skulduggery to have been murdered.
    My favourite is Skulduggery Pleasant because I like the way that the author makes a magic world and a talking skeleton.

    Bye from Lula

    1. RD WJ

      We really enjoyed Stormbreaker but Skullduggery Pleasant is so much better, because there is more action and the magic is very interesting. We like how the fantasy is mixed with real life but still flows well with the story. There are downfalls and funny parts somethings are joyful some parts are sad, all these things make it exciting to read.

      The action is similar, Alex Rider and Skulduggery Pleasant are both detectives.Both novels have mysteries yet to be solved.

  2. Millie T

    Hi guys,

    Skulduggery Pleasant is a more action and violent type book. It has sci-fi characters and lots of gory description. It gives you a grip to read on, but seeing as it is gory, it isn’t suitable for younger children.

    Alex Rider was a more mystery and action type book. It had mysteries they needed to solve and lots of gorey description too. It gives you a grip too.

    I have enjoyed Skulduggery Pleasant more than Alex Rider.

    -Millie T :)

  3. Jt and zara

    Hey guys

    I think Skulduggery Pleasant is a bit like Stormbreaker because Alex Rider finds out how his uncle dies and Stephanie finds out how her Uncle dies.They both enter a new world and find out more clues about there relatives lives and who they really are.

    Hey guys James here I think Skulduggery was amazing and is kind of like our last lesson Alex Rider because poor Alex Rider found out his Uncle had sadly passed away and Stephanie’s Uncle dies mysteriously but however,they find out how they really died and the secrets that they had been keeping from their family.

    We are looking forward to our next topic in English and hopefully it will be as great and awesome as Skulduggery Pleasant.

    From Zara and James

  4. AH and AB

    Hi again Woodfold , Angus and Amy here!
    Today we are going to tell you about Nickalleo Triplets

    Legend speaks of a young,demonic soul who hides among the fog and mist at an alltar in the woods of Ireland . BUT! When the clock strikes midnight is when he comes out to start his man-eating buisness. This three headed beast has no gender. It is a half-dead monster that you would pray not to meet or the three heads it possesses will get you. The first head shoots crimson red fire out of its mouth; the middle head has elemental magic and the third head sprays ice out of its eyes and appears in a black cape.

    Well that is all we have for you now. Byeeee!!!!

  5. C.M

    Imagine a world far away from normal,were everyone and everything are foes, and the battle against good and evil is happening 24,7. The heroes of overwatch fight for the city of Kings Row whilst Reaper,Sombra,and Widowmaker think other wise. Reaper is one off the bad guys. He was a hero of overwatch but was troumticed by the other side.

  6. Mariam

    Hey guys,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of the books, and I’m still persuading my mum to buy me the whole series of Skulduggery Pleasant and Stormbreaker. I like Skulduggery Pleasant slightly more, only because i found it a bit more exciting and gripping that Stormbreaker, however i still really enjoyed reading Stormbreaker!

    Both books have their main character as a spy/detective. They also have ‘the uncle’ of the story die, and apparently, both by getting killed, not just dying naturally. Also, they are both action/ adventure books, and create lots of suspense.

    Stormbreaker is in real life, and uses ordinary items, characters and places, whereas Skulduggery Pleasant is the complete opposite : it has talking skeleton, and other mythical creatures, and strange magic is used. Also, in Stormbreaker, there isn’t a will reading after Ian Riders death, but there is in Skulduggery Pleasant after Gordons’ death.

    I would definitely recommend these two amazing books to anyone, child or adult! I had a great time whilst devouring these novels! I hope we get to read more books like these. I can’t wait to discover what book we will be reading next, whether it’s a action book or not!

    Mariam :D :D :D


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