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Y6 spent Thursday afternoon with their reception buddies. We had lots of fun reading to them, playing and dressing up. Have a look at our photos; see if you can spot yourself with your buddy and let us know what you enjoyed about it.

From the Y6 team :-)

IMG_3727 our buddies

13 thoughts on “Meet our Buddies!

  1. WJ

    I really enjoyed spending time with Ethan I can’t wait to see him again. Ethan built a McDonalds out of wooden bricks but then he built a chimney ten times the size of McDonalds itself :) :) . To finish it off he pushed all the bricks of the shelf.

    Later, after we placed all the bricks back on the shelf, Ethan wanted to read a book which was called ‘SPLASH!’. It was about a pig which jumped into a pond and then all of his animal friend’s jumped in too. The problem was that every time I said two words Ethan would interrupt and say “Oink, Oink “. It was hilarious seeing him laugh as I looked at him angrily ( in a good way of course).

    When I finally finished reading the book, Ethan took my penguin teddy and didn’t want to give it back to me, I tried to get it back but he was too strong. So I let him keep it until we had to go, and guess what, he actually gave it back. Yay!!

    When we were leaving Ethan gave me a hug, high-five, and fist bump, it was so cute. I can’t wait to see him again. I really enjoyed spending time with Ethan, it was so much fun .

    BYE! !

    1. H.S

      Ethan sounds so cute and funny. I don’t blame him for taking the teddy off you, the teddies are just too cute(like Ethan) He sounds like a fun child to be buddies with.

      From Holly S

  2. Millie T

    Hi Miss Kelly,
    I loved playing with my buddy-for-the-day Ruya while Eve was off. She kept having words with me and making me super tired. But we sat down , read some stories and had a great time :) I hope I can play with Ruya again because she made me feel really happy and welcome to looking after my buddy with Lula. (Lula if your reading this sorry for abandoning you with two buddies lol) And I had a great time playing with Miss Ruya. -Millie T :)

  3. BM

    Why is my buddy building a tower on top of me in extremely concerned what is happening.

    But I really enjoyed spending time with jack and Harry. I really want to play with them again and I feel like he’s starting to like me

  4. BM

    Why is my buddy building a tower on top of me in extremely concerned what is happening.

    But I really enjoyed spending time with jack and Harry. I really want to play with them again and I feel like he’s starting to like me

  5. Larissa

    Spending an Afternoon with my buddy , Millie , was so fun . Together we created an advent calender out of felts for doors paper and numbers . She has now taken it home to play with . As we left she gave me a picture ( to be honest it was just a couple of swirls ) but it was so cute of her . When we left she gave me a big hug and said bye .

    A couple of days ago she came to my class room to deliver a Christmas card it had a pink sparkly back ground and a picture of a princess

  6. AH and AB

    Hello everyone!!!
    Amy and Angus here!
    We had a lot of fun with our buddy’s and we can’t wait to see them again! Angus: my buddy is called Bobby. Amy:and mine is called Caisy! Anyway bye!

  7. Lula

    Hi guys,

    Spending time with my buddy , Jessyca, was fun. I also looked after Mariam’s buddy. Together, we read a few books and wrote our names and some numbers on the whiteboard. I loved their Christmas outfits and ,at the christmas fair, Jessyca hugged me and introduced me to her family.

    from Lula

  8. H.S

    I really loved playing with my buddie, Grace, first we had a high-five and got to playing. She’s great fun and she’s never rude and always polite. First we played schools and I was the naughty child because I kept talking while she was reading to me. Bradley F from the other class also joined in, with his buddy.

    Next, we went to play houses and I had to make pretend toast in a pretend toaster.:) It was funny because the bread wouldn’t even fit in so Grace showed me how to do it. Other people joined in with us in the kitchen like Angus and his buddy.(seems like my buddy is popular) After we did even more fun filled activities…too many to write about!!!

    I couldn’t be prouder with who I got as my buddy, we are just like sisters.:)

    Night Night,
    From Holly S xxx

  9. EW

    Such a pity i was not in on that day. My friends told me all about it. I missed my buddy (Ruya) she is amazing.
    From Eve W.Bye!


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