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Hi Year 6,

This week we have been looking at creating interesting character descriptions based on our book Skulduggery Pleasant.

My task, for you, is: using all the techniques you have learnt so far, can you use your amazing imagination and write a character description which shows everyone how much of an amazing author you are?

I’m looking forward to reading your ideas.

Miss Kelly :-)

16 thoughts on “Character Description

  1. KH,LBB

    Legand states that there is an ancient spirit living near Loch Ness, in Scotland. An anonymous amphibian which, in the day lurks beneath the waves, but when the sun sets and the moon rises it slithers around the land. Citizens who have witnessed this creature name him Python! A cunning creature who hisses in the midnight black… The eye witnesses says he is a multi-coloured, snake-like skinned creature. As he emerges from the foggy shadows his sharp teeth strike …

    By Kody and Luke

  2. Millie T and Bradley

    Lizzie Cain; delicate and gentle, oh yes; and completely utterly mischievous. This delicate, gentle woman is nothing like her appearance. She may seem gentle and kind-hearted but don’t be fooled by the woman she is pretending to be.. She sprays a cackle of laughter once something distressing happens. In daylight; her sweet, innocent side rises out of her darkness. By helping the homeless, donating to charity and raising money as sweet as a lollipop. But little do you know, when the clock strikes twelve, her innocence turns into guilty. She rips down buildings vigorously, her razor sharp teeth rising out into an evil smile. Once you see her at midnight; you may never be seen again.

    Her half-black, half-pink hair streams down her shoulders like a waterfall; covering all the bronze magic underneath her cream, white skater dress. Her midnight blue eyes glare at you like a mannequin creating you to fall deeply in love with her. Her everyday makeup pleases you like she is a model, but when she takes it off, it is definitely something you have been fooled for. Her cream coat trails behind her when she scurries and her hair drapes behind her making all her lovers come rushing behind her tracks.

    The hiss of her Scottish tone will make you fall in love, but her cackle of laughter will make you run away from her. A rage of anger will force out when someone talks about her in a very serious and mean way. She will do you no harm unless you don’t talk about her. And don’t ever lay your eyes on her. Once you do that, your in for a mischievous treat.

    Her telekinesis comes out of her fingers once she needs some help and nobody is by her side. Swirling a lava red fireball into her hand, she whisks it at her enemy. Black mist is hidden in her veins, when she needs it, it seeps through her long fingernails. In the core of her heart, the strongest magic to be known is hidden away for one use in her life only in emergency situations. If she dies, her power will rise her back alive.

  3. Mariam and Aaron

    Cora scar- intimidating, insane… and a worshipper of Serpine. Though she seems like she was born straight into the world of evil, Cora wasn’t always like she is now ; in fact she was once a sweet, young girl, but she had been lured into the dark world by Serpine when she was just 2 years old, and has been a world-wanted villain since. Her black sea of hair drapes down the back of her blood-patched, ripped coat. The long,deep scar on her face slides from the the inside of her mouth to the corner of here left eye, like a horrific snake ready to approach its prey. When she intimidatingly turns over, and looks you in the eye like a statue, you feel like her red eyes are staring right through you, piercing a whole through your body. You might think all of her enemies are all of the people attempting to get rid of the dark side-such as the elders- however, her truly worst enemy is someone on her side : Jerald ( a man with only a first name ). Just like Scar, the first person on his revenge list is Cora. The only foolish reasons for this is because they both want to be Serpines favourite villain. Jerald, who is a contract killer, has eyes the sparkliest eyes, in the deepest shade of emerald, and the neatest, chestnut hair- hair fit for a queen. He wears an untouched suit, and his normal cover makes him look like an ordinary business man. Cleverly, he works in a secret HQ that is located in an ordinary office, so he looks like a normal man going to work. No one will ever find out he is a killer…

  4. BM&GA

    Legends states of a cold-blooded killer, his name was Derrick 3000. He has: a coal black jacket as dark as midnight eyes that ignite into a flame of rage, which glows into your soul. As you turn around he summons from death, then his bloodthirsty attitude sends a genocidel stream into his emotions.

    On the outside his killer instincts have stopped inside however,he has a: frozen heart of stone; a bloodstream of hatred and death and he’s without compassion! As he walks, torrent thunder zaps his genocidal emotions and sends a deafening noise into your ears. He has a corrupted mind from the death of his lost brother.

  5. Lexie and Holly S

    Annie Blánc

    Legend states a faceless creature lurks in the shadows, waiting for her decendants to arrive. In the daylight she is a kind, ordinary young woman, but as night falls her facial features sink in being replaced by a chalky, white cover. As she runs away from the screaming bystanders, her leather jacket flaps in the wind and her black combat boots hammer down onto the road as she finds the safety of her only friends: Skullduggery and Stephanie. Although her disguised face looks menacing, she is actually a kind but lonely girl.

    By Lexie and Holly

  6. HollyE-LolaP

    Legend speaks of a spirit lurking in the shadows. Her name is Bonnie. You would be lucky to get a tiny glimpse of her, although her large black wings and freakishly red lips will send you running. Her long gray coat, as dark as midnight , flows gently in the midnight wind. She loves her golden silky dress ; Black is her favorite. Hair tumbling down her spine, it looks as though it is floating as she runs down the deep dark streets; a Black Sea of hair has a mind of its .11 year old or not , she has no emotions for anyone , some people say that she doesn’t have a mouth at all because she doesn’t smile or frown. Dropping a nightmare into every room ; passing through window to window. Every contact she makes she send a chilling shiver down your back.

    Hope you like it :)

  7. Jt and zara

    Springfield Jack,newspapers report unidentified Alien creature spotted on Golden Gate Bridge trying to detach the two bridges joining from San Fransisco California to San Fransisco Peninsula, local SFPD (San Fransisco Police Department) saw that the creature was in-fact not a threat to human kind but is unsure what this unidentified creature really wants from us.The creature is mostly lurking in dark places like deep in caves or in abandoned places.If your looking for a glimpse of this horrific creature you would have to search really hard however people have got incredibly injured finding this creature so it is an incredible risk finding it.If you see this creature then call the nearest police department and stay safe near this creature

    By James and Zara

  8. Larissa and Lula

    Madeleine Mae

    Legend states of a majestic spirit lurking within the Wild West. This unidentified women-with the power of telekinesis-goes by the name of Madeleine Mae. Captured amongst her glowing enternal beauty; lovers trail behind her; enraptured within her looks. Her crimson, red mane drapes over her suede-tasseled waistcoat, meanwhile looking visually striking beneath her tanned ten- gallon hat. But although the looks of her are enchanting; looks can be deceiving . She can beckon you in, using you like a yo yo controlling you like a puppet and leave you with the consequences of life or death. When she rages up with anger, a spray of bullets shoot out her tightly fitted clasps. Miss Mae ,with a cunning hiss to the tone of her tangy southern drawl , strikes your ears like bullets shooting through the air. Using her powers for the benefits of her telekinesis, she moves objects ,of any kind , to unlock secret passages. Madeleine, without compassion, projects a vibe of evilness that eye can’t see but is hidden inside her cunning sole.

  9. IB & HR

    Philosopher Martinez.

    Philosopher Martinez: beautiful; unusual; oh yes, and completely and utterly crazy. Her lime stone eyes shine as they pierce through the still air, searching every corner and shadow. The noiseless streets are awoken, at the crack of midnight, by the sharp click of her suede heels. As she runs at the speed of light, her soot black cloak trails behind her, desperate to catch up. With her curious mind; doll-like appearance; unique hairstyle and crazy facial expressions, this is one girl you do not want to cross paths with. This half-broken soul has her tears sucked away by her rage.

    Written by Isabel and Hermione.

  10. RD WJ

    When moonlight appears, his midnight black cloak glows in the flames which surround his every move. As he advances through the fields he changes the dry grass into ash, citizens of the nearby village stand deadlocked as they see their crops rise up in flames. Awakening the blaze monster, Soot-Birds anger reveals itself as it wakes up inside. Behind him, his cloak follows on like an obedient dog.

    At the break of dawn, his darkness disappears and is replaced by the soul of an entertainer and fire-dancer. Soot-Bird returns to his village and others gaze at him as he invites birds of heat to the world and allows them to hide in his arms. People plead for him to travel to the beach and conjure fire which dances on the foamy waves, they then stand bewildered and transfixed at the glorious sight.

    As rain downfalls, he is not only good but also evil which makes him stronger than anything. He still protects his people, but more violently and furiously than usual. Soot-Bird can hurl a boulder further than a catapult which wipes out the enemy defence. When it comes to close combat, he deafens and blinds his enemies with a burst of fire which gives him sufficient time to devour them in heat.

    Unfortunately, when wars end horribly, his glowing red eyes get extinguished by the fountain of tears.The few survivors that stand under the shade of the trees cry and beg for their family back. Soot-Birds mild voice sooths them down and lays them to sleep, making them forget about the terrifying event.

  11. Max

    Late that night, he hid in the shaddows, looking up his next victim. Zoom was a burly man around 9 ft4 with the temper of a cunning bull; never look him in the eyes! Imagine a place where cobble streets have not had a foot on for years, where night is allways. His costume is like a second skin overlaping his first, Zoom is a wolf catching his next prey. His enermes are no match for Zoom, you could see right through him into the cold stary night. He is a cold-hearted man, blood-thirsty and cunning.

  12. MJT

    Imagine a world where magic isn’t just a myth or legend but it’s most certainly real…Imagine a world with citizens who aren’t just naughty but evil, maybe more. What if there was a world with people so fragile, they might shatter if they smile but they are actually one of the most dangerous people in the world. That type of world is real. A young woman stood in the restaurant, counting the number of roses in the vase on each table. She turned to look at me with her long, raven-wing coloured hair fiercely swinging round to catch up. Widening with suprise, the eyes that show the most dreamy diamond blue scan me for any sign of danger or mischief. The beautiful woman froze for a moment, then smiled with bright red lipstick expanding and creating warmth that promised me no more fear, no more pain. Straightening up for a good impression, her tall body wore a posh, long dress that cuts in the side to show her pale leg and to hylight her hair with it’s silky white material. “Hello there. My name is Raven Rose and welcome to London’s most popular restaurant. Well, most of the time popular”, Raven’s voice was calm and hypnotising, buisness-like and professional. When she finished speaking, my head grew hot like an oven and I felt like I was going to faint. This person was a sorcerer that loves to cast love spells. You can tell that she is when you first meet her, only if you know about this world.

  13. AS

    Imagine a town were there was no one around ,were everything is destroyed into tiny gravel pieces and you are the only person that goes out into the place should I say damaged area . Hiding in the shadows,a young girl lies , who nobody knows . Her name has never been revealed neither has her age . She is a very mysterious girl that is alway seen wearing black. The eyes of the girl are a piercing emerald green ; her hair is a thick strand of midnight black and if she was to smile in front of a mirror the glass would probably break into a thousand tiny pieces . As the moon rises , the blood-curdling woman , releases her true identity to the whole universe exchanging from a suspicious woman into a cold-blooded , angry wearwolf . This woman is dangerous !

  14. Mow

    In a town no longer filled with life, were the roads lie rotten and unused, you will find a girl all alone. Her name is unknown. Her age is a secret. This fearless woman has many things that no one knows about her. During the day, when the trees whistle, she where’s a crinkled black skirt which is molded to her thin figure like clay. A matching leather,dark jacket covers her pail, thin armes. Her eyes are the strongest, dark blue, however her face seems that if she were to smile her main feature would break into a million pieces. This woman is no good. This woman is DANGEROUS. Within the stroke of midnight her real identity reveals from your average, smart and curious person all alone, to a blood-thirsty, devilling beast. Fangs as sharp as knifes, replace her shiny, white teeth. Fur thickens her body from a skinny, waitless girl to a 20 pound, ferocious, dirty animal.

  15. LD

    What if there was a worl where magic just wasn’t a myth… What if it was a world filled with action and adventure? What if you could shoot real fire-balls at enemies, and kill trolls that lurk underneath bridges, only to pop out and threaten you at midnight. What if all that was real? Just meet Raven Shadows. At dawn she rises out of her hiding spot deep down in the camaflaged Underworld, this dispicable creature carefully climbs up into her secret vault built to take cover from Thor and his slaves otherwise known as the blood sucking Thralls. Raven’s hair is as black as an Octopuse’s ink after being mixed inside a real Raven’s wings, now that is black. Her lips have a rosy, dark red shine to them matching her delicate Aqua eyes, in one second she could fool you into doing anything she says. Raven Shadows is one of the most dangerous villains known to man.

  16. Zara!

    My character description

    A stone-hearted demon, legend had stated, although looks can be deceiving. Her name is Evelyn Crimson;it means beautiful but immoral. As her long,grey hair flows in the night sky, she scampers through the streets; her crimson eyes focused on her nemesis. At the escapement of the day, her beautiful brunette hair turns the darkest grey- along with her hazel eyes turning crimson. Serpine, the most substantial man in the days of antiquity, faces the one and only Evelyn Crimson.

    Her beautiful looks can attract anyone the moment their eyes are forced to look at her.Everyone is fooled- she talks gently and softly to find out what cunning plans they are planning- and the next thing they know, there dead.

    Notorious and pretty, thin but sly, Evelyn Crimson is the warrior you can never trust; always keep your personal information to yourself, never utter anything to her.
    You might find it your last breath…

    By Zara :-)


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